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Houston Broken Bone Lawyer

Bones have little flexibility and will break against a certain amount of force. Car accidents, falls, being struck, and experiencing extreme forces of compression can all cause serious fractures that take time and medical care to heal.

The Nielsen Law Firm represents people who experience serious broken bone injuries after accidents of all kinds. Some broken bones take a few months to completely heal, but others may require medical implants and multiple scars. Even minor fractures can keep an employee out of work and interrupt everyday activities. If someone else causes you to break a bone, you may have grounds for a personal injury case.

Types of Fractures

Some people may think a broken bone is a broken bone, but that is not the case. Broken bones differ based on the location and the way in which the bone breaks. Here are the most common types of fractures:

  • Hairline or stress fractures. These breaks happen over time, not as the result of an acute trauma. Repetitive lifting and other stressful workplace activities can cause this type of crack in the bone. If left unaddressed, a hairline fracture may become a more serious break.
  • Simple fracture. Simple fractures only affect the bone, not the tissues surrounding the bone.
  • Compound fracture. If the bone breaks through surrounding tissues and skin, it is a compound fracture. In addition to setting and stabilizing the break, medical professionals must also address the damage to surrounding tissues.
  • Comminuted fracture. A bone that shatters into more than two pieces. These types of breaks are common after blunt force trauma incidents such as car accidents and in severe compression accidents.

The location of the break may also play a role in the severity of the injury. Broken legs and arms may put you out of commission for a while, but they are typically recoverable. Other bones, however, may put other organs and tissues at risk. Broken ribs can puncture the lungs and turn a straightforward fracture into a life-threatening injury. Broken hips often require surgery and an extended period of physical therapy. A broken skull can contribute to brain injuries or maxillofacial disfiguration.

Liability in Broken Bone Cases

Many broken bones arise from highly preventable incidents. Whether a property owner failed to place a wet floor sign in his or her establishment or a machine malfunctioned on the job, our team of attorneys is here to investigate your case and uncover all liable parties. We will negotiate with insurers on your behalf and take your case to trial if needed. Eric D. Nielsen has the resources, the experience, and the professional expertise necessary to secure the full amount of compensation you deserve. A broken bone injury claim can provide you financial support to cover the cost of medical treatments and care, including physical therapy, lost income, and any other long-term losses you have/will endure.

Your Houston, Texas, Broken Bone Attorney

After an accident, you may have questions about your ability to file a claim or your right to compensation. If someone else was clearly at-fault, an insurance representative may approach you with an offer for settlement. Avoid accepting any settlement offer until after you speak with an attorney who has experience in broken bone cases. Initial settlement offers are often shortsighted and may leave you without the ability to pay for the costs of your injury.

We can help you answer the tough questions about your accident. After a workplace broken bone, a car accident, or another preventable accident, you deserve an opportunity to focus on healing and not on the financial demands of life. For more information about how we handle cases involving broken bones, give our Houston, Texas, office a call. Initial consults are always free.