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Houston Bus Accident Attorney

Houston’s public transportation system includes METRO bus services. METRO serves all major areas in and around the city. In addition to the public bus services, we also see many chartered buses and Greyhounds on local roadways. When bus drivers fail to use adequate caution on the road, they put passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians at risk. The Nielsen Law Firm represents all individuals who suffer injuries in accidents involving buses in and around Houston, Texas.

Common Carrier Responsibilities

Bus companies fall under the category of common carriers. Common carriers are defined as companies and individuals responsible for the transportation of passengers and products. As professional drivers, bus drivers are responsible for upholding a certain duty of care while at work. They must offer transportation within reasonable limitations, and they must use a high level of caution when transporting passengers or freight.

Who Is Liable in Bus Accidents?

After a bus accident, determining liability sets the stage for any potential legal claims. Bus accidents are particularly complex because they can involve subcontractors, government agencies, passenger drivers, and third party companies. As your legal representation, the attorneys at the Nielsen Law Firm will put every resource at our disposal toward uncovering liability in your accident case and pursuing action against those who are responsible.

Whether a bus manufacturer installed a faulty part or a METRO driver was distracted and ran into a pedestrian at a crosswalk, we understand the complexities that govern bus accidents around Houston. We will aggressively fight against tactics that bus companies and their insurers often use to draw out cases so you can receive fair compensation and start healing.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Bus accidents often occur when multiple things go wrong at once. Here are some of the most common contributing factors to bus accidents:

  • Driver error. Distracted driving, inattention, and reckless behaviors are common accidents causes for any vehicle. In bus accidents, bus driver and passenger driver errors may contribute to a serious wreck.
  • Improper maintenance/faulty equipment. While a bus driver has a high degree of control over the vehicle, he or she cannot always compensate for problems with the bus itself. If a company does not follow industry standards for safety and maintenance or if a manufacturer issues a faulty part, accidents can happen. Parts flying off of buses, lost traction, and faulty brakes can cause serious problems for passengers and others nearby.
  • Dangerous road conditions. Bad weather, construction zones, and other roadway hazards increase the risk for accidents. Combined with inattention or reckless driving behaviors, road conditions may add to the severity of an incident.

Reach Out to Your Houston, Texas, Bus Accident Attorney

A bus accident is often traumatic for the victims involved because they often have no control over the outcome. When the dust clears, they may face medical bills, time away from work, and a permanent loss of quality of life. The experience can leave victims feeling bitter and depressed.

The Nielsen Law Firm cannot erase the damage a bus accident causes, but we will do everything in our power to protect your ability to heal and prevent others from experiencing the same outcome. If you are injured in a bus accident, do not accept a settlement from the bus company until you speak with an attorney who will put your best interests first. You deserve compensation to cover current and future costs associated with your injury.

Initial consultations with us are always free, and we will serve as your compassionate and relentless legal advocate as you begin the healing process. To get started, call our Houston, Texas, office today.