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Houston Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Houston, like many other southern cities, is not particularly pedestrian friendly. As a result, drivers are not always on the lookout for people crossing the street or walking along the shoulder. Pedestrian accidents rarely injure drivers involved, but they almost always cause serious injuries for pedestrians. At the Nielsen Law Firm, we represent pedestrians injured in vehicle-related accidents to ensure they have access to fair settlements.

Where Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen?

Pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere. Many incidents arise in situations where drivers fail to consider the possibility of pedestrian traffic. Here are some of the most common areas pedestrian accidents take place:

  • Drivers should watch for pedestrians in crosswalks, but distracted and careless drivers often fail to see or stop for pedestrians walking in marked areas around intersections and in other areas of town.
  • On the road. In the state of Texas, pedestrians can legally walk on the road if the area has no sidewalk. A pedestrian should walk on the left side of the road (if possible) facing traffic and as far to the side of the road as possible.
  • In parking lots. Many people suffer injuries when vehicles back out of a parking space without looking or fail to yield to pedestrians leaving a store.
  • Along parallel parking spaces. Oncoming drivers may fail to notice a pedestrian walking to a vehicle or exiting a vehicle along a crowded street. They may also fail to judge the distance between their vehicles and pedestrians.

Determining Liability in a Pedestrian Accident

While drivers are responsible for the majority of pedestrian accidents, a pedestrian may be liable if he or she was intoxicated or distracted and walked into the roadway without giving a driver adequate time to stop. Drivers who follow the rules of the road and do not have the ability to maneuver around a pedestrian are not liable for the resulting injuries.

Texas operates under a modified comparative fault rule. If you are less than 50% responsible for the incident, you can pursue action against the other party involved. At the Nielsen Law Firm, we investigate every pedestrian case carefully to determine all factors that may have contributed to your injury.

Our firm does not file frivolous lawsuits against people. We use the facts of each case to discover the true reason for an accident and take action against those who are responsible. Whether a driver was acting carelessly or the vehicle malfunctioned, we will uncover the right liable party and pursue your case for compensation to the full extent of the law.

Protecting Yourself as a Pedestrian

Drivers have a higher duty of care while driving than pedestrians do while walking, but that should not stop you from taking some simple precautions. An distracted or intoxicated driver may not yield the right of way. Always:

  • Look twice before crossing a street
  • Wear reflective clothing in low light conditions
  • Always hold young children’s hands, whom a driver may not easily see on the roadway
  • Pay attention to the movement of vehicles in parking lots
  • Monitor your drinking if you need to walk on the roadways

The Nielsen Law Firm: Your Houston, Texas, Pedestrian Accident Firm

Our firm has a reputation for success among our former clients and the Houston legal community. We have access to the resources of much larger firms but provide the personalized care you would expect from a smaller practice—and we never quit. If you or a loved one suffers a serious injury in a pedestrian accident, remember that you have options.

We will ensure that insurance covers all of your current and future medical needs and the other losses you endure. For a free consultation, call our office in Houston, Texas, today.